• Frederik Van Lierde

    Belgian professional triathlete and 2013 Ironman triathlon world champion. 5 times Ironman France winner


  • Matt Fraser Compex

    Mat was a US Olympic weightlifting team hopeful until suffering a back injury. Despite doctors telling him he would never lift again, Mat was persistent in his recovery and returned to compete for Team USA.

Ski Racer


  • I’ve had a very long and successful career and one of the reasons I’ve been able to stay at the top for a long time is that I’ve always taken my training seriously. Compex is a vital part of all my training.

  • As an athlete and a person I’m extremely interested in how I can get the most out of myself.

  • Never throw in the towel, persevere, do what it takes to achieve your aims and to realise your dreams…

  • Hope and the ambition to continue improving, both in the world of sports and elsewhere.

  • You need enthusiasm, to be passionate about ideas that you think are good, to follow things through to the end.




  • In combination with my Donjoy knee braces, the added strength that Compex offers to my quadriceps, provides the best possible knee stability…

  • Motocross is a very demanding sport and it might be even more demanding for a girl. 

  • Training and good health are two key ingredients for a successful motocross career.


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  • The support from my relatives, friends and acquaintances who give me the strength day after day …